Finding Contentment

Are you looking for contentment?

Do you feel dissatisfied?

Anne Galambosi is a Business owner, Clinical psychologist, Mother and Grandmother. In the midst of this full and crazy life, lately she has found three keys to contentment that have changed her life.

Letting go of being famous.

Letting go of past hurts.

And lasting letting go of control.

Here is an excerpt from her downloadable book.

“For a while now, I’ve been waking up contented. Everything I have on my plate I’m happy to do. Happy to clean my house.  Happy to do reports at work. Happy to sit in traffic.

Negative thoughts seem to have little power over me. People’s negativity or meanness doesn’t get me down so much. And, my crappy self doesn’t make me wish I was someone else.

I’m like, what the heck? What’s that all about?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but I’m confused.

How did I get this relaxed about everything all of a sudden?”

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Do you want contentment in your life?

Anne may have some thoughts that can help you move forward in this area.

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