New Course Launching

We are so excited about the launch of our new course at The Boardroom Retreat!

Our desire is that you would be the best leader you could be. The reality is, as leaders some of the issues we struggle with are often internal – issues like anger and insecurity. Anger can certainly be a powerful tool, but often we try to shut it down or remove ourselves from its fury. Likewise, insecurity can be debilitating in business or leadership.

And so we put together this course with the intention of helping you to flourish. We really believe that these courses will help you overcome these internal roadblocks, help you move closer towards wholeness, and allow you to become an emotionally healthy leader.

We can’t wait for you to get a hold of these courses!


2 thoughts on “New Course Launching

  1. This is great………so many folk “hide” their weaknesses of anger as well insecurities!
    Once it’s “out” it can be addressed and others (family and friends) close who, are able to understand and help/improve these problem areas developing them into “strengths” as weird as that sounds!

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