How to write an amazing bio for yourself

One of the questions I receive often from leaders is this;

How do I write a simple promotional biography?

Have you struggled with this painful process as a leader? It brings out all of the vulnerabilities and inferiority complexities.

Over 20 years of mentoring leaders, I have learnt this simple formula to help you write your own personal bio. No matter the genre or industry. Keep it simple, original and clear.

Important First Line: The first line should make a statement. It should introduce you, what you do, and where you’re from. Make it fun, quirky, inspiring or bold.

Facts and Figures: Are you a graduate of any courses? Is your university degree relevant to the job you are applying for? Have you had any writing published? If you have not been published, it’s okay to mention any writing projects you are working on. Be honest: your bio should reflect your passion and commitment to your career and sense of purpose

Relevant Experience: What experience have you had in the leadership field?

Leadership Niche: What are you passionate about? And what makes you qualified to speak, write or sit in a place of expertise with it? What makes you stand apart from the crowd?

Your Community: Who do you stand alongside? Who inspires you in your pursuit of leadership, development and strength.

Something Personal: Don’t write an essay, but a unique fact about yourself will help your bio stand out. Humour is a plus, or family.

Here are some things to avoid in writing your own bio:

Dreams and Aspirations:  Try to stay away from your hopes and dreams. Keep your bio short and to the point.

Negative Information: Focus on the positive without sounding conceited. Don’t make yourself sound humble by putting a negative spin on anything. Keep it short and positive.

When you follow this pattern it will help you write a simple but clear biography for your new opportunities.

In the comments below, why don’t you paste your biography for feedback from those who call The Boardroom Retreat their community below?

Let’s be encouraging and give each other the opportunity to grow in capacity together.

Amanda Viviers