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In the midst of these sad times, download our free printable to help with journaling and self compassion. This mindful reflections book was designed to help you write and discover your self awareness.

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Have you ever encountered a roadblock emotionally?

Amanda and Anne have many years of leadership experience and they have created this online course to help you with two of the big hurdles: Anger and Insecurity!

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  • Two modules of this online course.
  • Two workbooks which are editable PDFs for your work colleagues or team.
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Is Anger Okay? with Anne Galambosi

Anger can be a powerful tool in leadership. However, we often try to shut it down or remove ourselves from its fury. Anne Galambosi is a Clinical Psychologist with a passion to help leaders transform emotions. This workshop will zone in on practical tools to help you with your own anger and that which is expressed to you. This will bring understanding and resilience to your communication and conflict resolution. 

Insecurity- Finding Courage and Confidence with Amanda Viviers

Insecurity can be debilitating in business or leadership. Through Amanda’s own experience in finding her voice, she explores the steps in her own story to help you with the emotional roadblock of insecurity. Exploring your own journey of where you find courage and strength. Exploring your story of communication and confidence. This workshop gives you some tools and questions to help you find courage and confidence.

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