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A downloadable vision workbook with reflection questions to help you process the year that has passed and into the new year or season with intention.

A series of questions designed to help you reflect and dream again. Amanda Viviers is an author, speaker and creative coach and she has used this process personally and with clients for over a decade.



(This is a downloadable PDF book, ready for you to print yourself)

Each year I seem to stumble and fall into the space between Christmas and New Year.

I’m exhausted, I am over family gatherings and even the thought of another thing to tick off the task list brings out my inner rolling eyes emoji.

In the midst of this stumbling season, though, for the last fourteen years, I have made space for the afternoon with myself in my diary and retreated. I retreat away from my family, I retreat away from social media and I retreat towards possibility.

I set myself up in a cafe, with coffee and a slice of cake and I breathe. I walk the beach and I start to pray softly.

Thanking God for the year that has passed and I start to let go of everything that has disappointed. There is something about taking the time to reflect and regroup that creates space for growth in the New Year.

Questions like…

What has been a positive experience?
What has been a negative experience?
Where have I grown the most?
What am I especially thankful for?

I have realised that it is easy to allow the negative to overtake a year, rather than allowing the simple, the beautiful and the surprises to come back to the foreground.

As I take the time to reflect on the different spaces in my life, I see over a long season of rest and recovery that the fruit of the spirit is growing or decreasing in my life. I re-shift my alignment in these times of journalling and writing by myself and I realise where my true north alignment is again.

When was the last time you took the time to have an appointment with yourself with a journal and reflected?

This year your download includes;

Planning documents for your business and personal products.

A weekly schedule to plan in time for the scaffold of your week for your passion projects

A mind map proforma to help you brainstorm out your yearly goals.

and over one hundred reflection questions to help you discover your voice and opportunities for the new season ahead.

This downloadable book was designed specifically to help you reflect on this in-between season.

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