RESET: personal retreat daybook

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A downloadable personal retreat daybook with reflection questions to help you process the year that has passed and reset.

A series of questions designed to help you reflect and dream again. Amanda Viviers is an author, speaker and radio presenter and she has used this process personally and with clients for over a decade.



(This is a downloadable PDF book, ready for you to print yourself)

reset; personal retreat daybook.

Finding focus in a world of distraction.
Do you often feel distracted and dissatisfied?
Are you seeking a life, work and family balance?
This resource was created by Local Author Amanda Viviers and it takes you through a series of simple questions and reflections to help you find goals and focus.
We all need a reset. Time to turn everything off and begin again. Finding a fresh perspective to help bring back motivation and vision.

Reset: personal retreat daybook is a sister project to help you come alongside your goals for the coming season and help you to take a personal retreat, to reflect and realign again.

STOP wishing you had more focus and begin to find your own perspective.

STOP waiting for someone else to write your tomorrow and start to do it for yourself.

STOP feeling frustrated by all the distractions and eliminate that which is taking you away from your greater goal.

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  3. It is 16 pages in total, you can print at your local library, Officeworks or any commercial or home printer. The ebook can’t be returned or exchanged once downloaded.
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